Long Term Care Experience Backed by Proven Techniques

Go-To Healthcare Placement, Inc. (Go-To) was founded in 1997 by Carol Rains. Her commitment to improving care for the elderly led her to achieve a Master of Gerontology degree and to ultimately supervise long-term residential communities serving this population. All Go-To clients benefit from the hands-on management expertise that Ms. Rains offers as a long-term care administrator, with over four decades of experience overseeing virtually all facets of the industry.

Ms. Rains and her team have built a solid track record by helping scores of companies overcome diverse challenges, including many complete turnarounds. Under Ms. Rains’s guidance, numerous nursing homes suffering from neglect and mismanaged facilities have been transformed into profitability, while simultaneously improving care for residents.

The process to successfully pinpoint The Right People – who are prepared to respond effectively to your needs and goals — continues to set us apart from competitors.

Carol Rains Founder
Carol Rains Founder


Among her many notable accomplishments, Ms. Rains created and implemented the concept of the Buddy Program in 1994, later patented as the “Guardian Angel Program”. This concept, now widely utilized across the nation, matches facility managers one-on-one with residents to ensure quality care is provided with continuity, consistency, and personalized supervision to every individual.

Due to the success of programs such as this, innovated and rolled out under the direction of Ms. Rains, many are now mandatory practices in facilities nationwide.

Go-To Healthcare Placement, Inc.

For Every Job Requisition, Go-To Knows the in-depth Questions to Ask “The Right Person”

  • Client goals are determined
  • Priorities are set
  • Proper research is conducted
  • Next, we rank the best candidates who match our prerequisites for each position.
  • Equally important, we fairly and equitably negotiate for clients and employees alike, then we continue to measure and evaluate on behalf of both parties after the match is made.

We believe our client testimonials prove the success of this process.  

"I have been with Go-To for several years as an interim DNS and MDS Coordinator. The staff know their clients’ and their staff’s needs well and do their best to strike a winning match. They go the extra mile."